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Food packets for Christmas giving from CCO oil, spaghetti rice and beans

Cancer patient receiving food  for Christmas

Project Medishare 293 buckets of food personal care supplies for rural Grand'Anse families

GAHDA worker Jocelyn Boyer working with HEKS-EPER in remote Beaumont

Dr. Jn Robert Douge, GAHDA medical advisor, in rural clinic Sept 2021

December 24, 2021 Update: 

Lynette Delzor Foundation Team

Hi Everyone,

As the holidays approach, we are feeling blessed to be with our daughters and family in Florida.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been so generous in donating to our work, especially in response to the August earthquake.  It is hard to believe it has been four months.  The response has been difficult and complex and is ongoing.

The situation in Haiti continues to be extremely challenging.  I wanted to let you know how our activities have continued in spite of the difficulties. We are certainly hoping for a better 2022.  We were all heartened to hear that soup joumou has been named a cultural heritage dish by UNESCO.  It was the first time Haiti has been honored this way. We will certainly be enjoying it New Year’s Day 2022!

In Jérémie, there was no diesel fuel for the local EDH generator for some time, so no power for the town until just now.  Townspeople have power from 6pm to midnight, though we don’t know how long this will last. The pontoon bridge is onsite at the river but there has been no activity to install it.  This will provide passage over the Grand’Anse River since the damage to the old bridge does not seem to be reparable.  We hope that the installation of the pontoon bridge will begin in January.

Food continues to be a major issue.  GAHDA is distributing 131 more food kits of rice, beans, oil and spaghetti to families (see photo of Leila bagging food).  An additional 40 families who are most in need received 5-gallon buckets filled with food and personal care items (buckets and some items from Project Medishare) (see photo of girl with bucket). Food is also being given to cancer patients in the Grand’Anse.  One of the patients we support received a family ration of food and taxi money.

Community education for breast self-exam is currently focused on the outpatient clinic at St. Antoine Hospital in Jérémie due to fuel limitations.  Four are planned for December by Leila Casseus, the nurse educator/navigator.

Breast cancer training for health professionals continued.  There was a training on breast cancer identification and treatment November 2 with 12 doctors and 12 nurses.  They all received certificates and 9 received mirrors for breast self-exam teaching in their churches or clinics.  December 4 was another training for 27 parish and church volunteers, including voudou-based congregants. (See pictures of trainees with certificates).

We continue to find more women with breast problems, 12 since the earthquake. Several have cancer and GAHDA supports their diagnostic and treatment care if they can get to Port-au-Prince.  There are 18 women with breast cancer who are in a long-term relationship with GAHDA and we provide follow up medical care in Jérémie, oral medicine, vitamins and food.  This is one spot of light in an otherwise dark time in Haiti.  GAHDA has also supported schooling for some of the children of the families living with breast cancer.  We will do more in January.

Earthquakes continue, sometimes 3 or 4 a day.  there have been 150 earthquakes in the Jérémie region since August.  The highest magnitude has been 4.2 (off the coast of Corail a few days ago), but even 3 is enough to get folks out of their houses.  Many of the quakes are off the coast. It seems these are likely to continue, and our home (400 ft above sea level) will become a tsunami detection site in January.

Mobile clinics have slowed because of the lack of fuel for transport.  However, there have been a few initiatives, one was a volunteer MD/nurse team from Port au Prince who came for a week in November.  Dr. Delzor, the team leader, was born in Jérémie (see picture of Bette and team).  Dr. Dougé led a group of volunteers (see picture); and, Jocelyn Boyer, GAHDA part-time administrator, was working with HEKS/EPER in rural Beaumont about a 4 hour walk into the mountains (see picture). Just yesterday, Fr. Iraglio and a team of Haitian providers consulted over 200 people despite the pouring rain. GAHDA provided the medicines.

There is still so much to be done.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed holiday season and a healthy and happy 2022!

Dec 4 parish volunteer training demonstration of BSE steps

Dec 4 BSE training for church volunteers certificates

Nov 2 Doctor-Nurse Training Certificates

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