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Saint Antoine Hurricane

GAHDA is well situated to respond to the all-too-frequent disasters in the Grand’Anse. For more than 25 years, Bette Gebrian, the executive director of GAHDA was the volunteer warden for the US Embassy. Multiple encounters with hurricanes, floods, cholera, droughts, earthquakes, and political instability over the past 30 years have served to build a network of resources. These include people in Port-au-Prince, the Grand’Anse, and abroad ready to supply food, medical supplies, volunteer health care providers, and medicines.  The most recent major hurricane (Matthew, in 2016) devastated most of the Grand’Anse Department.  Relief efforts began immediately, and they included coordinating the dispersal of food, medicines, health care, and relief supplies.  Most families lost their housing, and GAHDA provided building supplies for home repair to over 3000 people in four counties.  This effort continues for those families still living without adequate shelter.

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