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News from Haiti: (April- June 2023)

Transportation continues to be problematic, often interrupted by insecurity at the airports and on the roads, flooding, petrol shortages and overall unreliability of services.

Compounding existing troubles, the Grand’Anse region experienced another earthquake on June 5th. This caused already fragile infrastructure to collapse, blocked roads, and the many casualties overwhelmed hospitals. GAHDA was able to supply medical centers with supplies, help housing insecure families with tarps and other essentials.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provided an emergency grant of $10,000 to support GAHDA with relief supplies including tarps and MREs to meet this latest catastrophe.

The breast cancer program continued despite all the challenges. The Digicel Foundation, funded by a local phone company, paid to advertise via SMS messages dates for GAHDA breast cancer screening clinics. One was held in May and one in June. This helped us greatly expand our reach and resulted in over 100 women coming to the clinics.

We have successfully raised sufficient funds to purchase a badly needed sonogram machine!

We also received a donation of a one year supply of the essential breast cancer medicine, Tamoxifen.

Our “Hand Up” project continued and expanded support to the most vulnerable in Jérémie. This included:

● personal supplies for victims of rape given to GYN department of the hospital

● monetary gifts to support viability of small businesses during economic hardship

● 480 Buckets of food/supplies distributed by GAHDA on behalf of Project Medicare

● 45 families received food rations purchased in local markets


GAHDA continues to provide humanitarian support to those incarcerated at the local prison, providing essential access to potable water, personal hygiene supplies and food rations.

Disaster Response and Recovery:

Disaster Recovery continues to meet the needs of those affected by the Aug 14, 2021, magnitude 7.2 earthquake. GAHDA coordinates supplies for the PT needs of those still recovering from injuries as well as medical supplies for long-term care of the injured.

GAHDA is supporting the rehabilitation of a Baptist Church in coastal Pestel town. Funds from Asylum Hill Congregational Church in Hartford, CT matched by GAHDA resources have made this possible. This building will be used as a community center, emergency shelter and educational site in addition to church services.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) hosted a disaster training conference in Grenada. Dr. Douge, GAHDA Medical Director, represented GAHDA at the meeting further strengthening the partnership between PDA and GAHDA.

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