7.2 Earthquake Strikes Haiti on August 14, 2021, about 45 miles SE of Jérémie.

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The Grand'Anse Health & Development Association (GAHDA) is responding to the COVID-19 crisis with resourcefulness, determination and fearlessness – as we have done in the past when faced with natural disasters, epidemics and other crises. Our essential activities include:


  • working with our partners to hire local tradespeople to make face masks for distribution to over 50 clinics, dispensaries, and nurse volunteers

  • crafting hand sanitizer with aloe plants and locally sourced alcohol

  • distributing COVID-19 education materials to churches in the Grand’Anse

  • interviewing church leaders about knowledge, attitudes and activities to prevent COVID-19


The Latest from Jérémie

Measures are being taken to prevent COVID-19 and its spread. Limited testing is available, requiring analysis in Port-au-Prince – but most travel into and out of the Grand’Anse is on hold with closed roads, ports, and airports.


Hospitals in the Grand’Anse have no ICU beds, only 2 ventilators, and little to no PPE – and are sure to be overwhelmed. Schools and churches are closed. Stores and clinics that remain open have installed hand washing stations, and with few resources to stockpile food, people must visit the open air markets daily – making social distancing difficult. In addition, a drought continues, raising concerns about increasing hunger and food insecurity.


Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, however, the GAHDA team continues its community services by:

  • following up with cancer patients, providing food and medicine and supporting those who need to travel to Port-au-Prince for treatment

  • registering 1,000 churches for breast cancer awareness and education for future training

  • engaging young women to create breast self-exam training tools

  • coordinating the installation of 5 solar suitcases, providing light for remote clinics

  • employing carpenters to build mirrors for breast cancer training and monitoring

  • distributing food to the most vulnerable – in particular the elderly.

  • continuing fundraising efforts for food rations as we prepare for hurricane season that begins in June.

Please help us continue our much-needed services throughout this COVID-19 emergency by donating below.

GAHDA provides essential healthcare and a range of supportive services to the Grand’Anse Community. This remote corner of southwest Haiti struggles to meet the needs of over 400,000 people. At GAHDA, we seek to meet the needs of the people where they are, causing less hardship, financial strain, and disruption to their already challenging day-to-day lives. 

Goat program
MD performing biopsy guided by sonogram
Nursing students learning BSE
Certificates for participants
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Avera Breast Center Director Jill Schult

GAHDA believes that healthcare is a human right, one that is often inaccessible to people with extremely limited resources. Access is also compromised by a public health care system that is resource poor.


While Haiti continues to make great strides at harnessing local talent and training medical professionals, there is still a long way to go for the system to meet the needs of all people.  We are committed to helping fill that gap while also contributing to strengthening local systems through mentoring, training, tools, and materials.

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