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We are committed to providing support that meets the needs of families and communities, engages people in their own solutions, and shows results. GAHDA staff and board members have experience working with communities for innovation through collaboration.  

Community and Economic Support

Community and Economic Support

Recent Development Projects include:

  • Goat distribution to women

  • Support for microenterprises

  • Summer soccer camp support

  • Start-up funding for motorcycle taxi businesses

  • Tuition and school supplies, uniforms, and shoes for children from primary school to university  

  • Facilitating parish twinning with local churches for spiritual and structural support 

  • Consultancies with new organizations to provide orientation to Grand’Anse cultural context

Disaster Response and Recovery

Disaster Response and Recovery

GAHDA is well situated to respond to the all-too-frequent disasters in the Grand’Anse. Multiple encounters with hurricanes, floods, cholera, droughts, earthquakes, and political instability over the past 30 years has necessitated the development of a strong network, people in Port-au-Prince, the Grand’Anse, and abroad stand ready to supply food, medical supplies, volunteer healthcare providers, and medicines. 


The most recent major hurricane (Matthew, in 2016) devastated most of the Grand’Anse Department.  GAHDA immediately began coordinating relief efforts, including the dispersal of food, medicines, healthcare, and relief supplies.  GAHDA also provided building supplies for home repair to over 3000 people who lost their housing.  This effort continues for those families still living without adequate shelter.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

GAHDA responds with immediate support to the most vulnerable – those living alone, those living with mental health and physical problems, and marginalized groups. As members of this community, we are trusted to be a reliable, non-judgmental, compassionate team to whom people turn in times of extreme need.


Examples of recent Helping Hand interventions include:

  • Meals for elderly widows

  • Funeral expenses

  • Costs for medication and laboratory testing

  • Support to new mothers

  • Transportation to medical care in other parts of Haiti

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